Preliminary Engineering
We provide initial project recommendations for crossing and wayside signal design based on extensive site survey information collection and consultation with the customer to determine and accomplish their intent for the project.

Project Management
Our project management staff is headed by a trained and certified project manager (PMP). All of our project managers have accumulated project management training and have numerous years of experience as project managers. Our project managers have the ability to manage projects from conception until the project is placed in service. We provide technical input and coordinate the preliminary engineer for assigned projects. Our project managers comprehensively involved in coordinating the design, estimating, scheduling, construction, and in-service testing of assigned projects. GTABS Incorporated strives to ensure that all of the client’s expectations are met, while providing quality products and services. From our varied and extensive experiences within the railroad industry, we are able to provide technically sound, cost effective, and user-friendly recommendations to our customers.

Construction Management
All of our construction managers and staff have numerous years of experience as construction supervisors, managers, or engineers for class 1 railroads. With this experience we can provide quality on-site supervision for all phases of signal construction and installation. We are able to supervise the field forces and provide technical assistance during installation and in-service testing. We also focus on ensuring that all work supervised is completed safely and to standard.

GTABS Incorporated provides a variety of supplemental support services to our customers. Our electrical engineers have experience in electrical distribution and we are able to provide our customers solutions with many power issues by conducting power surveys, obtaining electrical/power permits and coordinating the installation of power services. We will also provide initial surveys used for preliminary engineering and design. With experience in signal construction and maintenance, our surveyors can provide detailed and technically sound surveys. In-service testing is another service we provide and we have the experienced and qualified engineers that can conduct or provide assistance in the in-service testing of crossing and wayside signal projects. We conduct all required FRA tests and inspection, along with providing documentation for all required testing. Our staff is also equipped with design engineers and CADD operators and we can offer signal designs for crossing and wayside signal projects.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to a variety of entities, such as railroad companies, along with local, state, and federal transportation agencies. Our engineers have experience in performing crossing diagnostic reviews with the different states’ department of transportation, site survey, and design. We also offer our ability to provide technical knowledge as signal engineers in support of DOT projects. We have the expertise to review plans submitted by the railroads and determine the technical and financial feasibility of the design. Moreover, we are able to make technically sound recommendations to the DOT agencies and conduct the required tests by the Federal Railroad Administration to ensure the state agencies that the equipment has been installed and tested properly.